Current use case(s) for CVP...?

Is CVP currently solo stakeable or is LP with eth the only way to generate yield with it?

You can stake CVP as a Boost for ASSY and get boosted APY for that.
Also CVP is used for governance, and already voted in 18 proposals. CVP controls everything, including composition of indexes, and also is eligible for rewards from treasury (community should decide on rules of such rewards first)

the staking of CVP is only possible if you have ASSY LP tokens…
@Geodesix: for now, there is not pool where you can only stake CVP (without having to provide LP tokens) and get a yield…think there are discussions for this to change soon


  1. Staking in xCVP (community already proposed that, and it will go to vote soon)
  2. Meta-governance - there will be votings on the Snapshot page with multi-sig execution
  3. PowerPool protocol management - live from the very beginning - check out the governance page, 20 proposals so far