Crypto Content Creator - Community Sponsorship Ads

  1. Abstract (short description of what service is proposed - 2-4 sentences)

I make crypto videos on youtube about projects, informative reviews, guides, news, etc. I value high quality content and integrity when it comes to making crypto videos so that’s always top of mind when I talk about different projects. I am a huge fan of DeFi, especially with what PowerPool is doing!

  1. Motivation (why PowerPool community needs this service/work)

Videos about PowerPool or Ads within regular crypto related videos are needed to get the word about PowerPool and it’s products out to the general crypto consumer! A great product is nothing if no one knows about it!

  1. Roadmap/Timeline/KPIs/what will be delivered

My videos on average hit about 500-1000 views. Some a lot less but some a lot more! I propose ad placements whether it be 10 seconds or 30 seconds, briefly describing Power Index for prospective crypto consumers who watch my videos regularly or find them on youtube search - who may be looking to participate in another defi project with great yield!

  1. Compensation (how many CVP/vesting rules) - vesting is obligatorily!

I’m currently looking to charge $250 worth of CVP per 10 second video ad (package of 15), or $450 worth of CVP per 30 second video ad (package of 10). Content of the ad can of course be discussed with he community/team! I would choose to be paid before videos are released since that tends to be how youtube sponsorships work.

  1. Background/relevant info about service provider/testimonials/previous experience

Youtube Channel:

I’ve been growing immensely on youtube the past couple of months, and i don’t plan on slowing down! So I would love to help a project/community that i truly believe is bringing value to the space whether it be in web3 infrastructure, new innovative ideas, and especially anything defi related!

Hey, nice seeing Creativity Contest finalist on our forum.

What do you think about how-to/reviews/guides instead of simple ADs? more educational content so to speak

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saw your contest entry. Good job :+1:t2:

I agree with @DrGonzo here, we need more content explaining PowerPool

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They are definitely important for any growing project! However they only serve the purpose of educating those who are actively looking for powerpool/powerindex products. I think there are quite a number of explainer videos on youtube already as well.

Meanwhile, the ads focus more on bringing more exposure to those who don’t know about powerpool/powerindex in the first place - which I think may help a little more! (just my opinion) :slight_smile:

I think the question that should be asked is,

what’s more important currently?

educating those who are already part of the community
onboarding more new people into the community

I’d argue there’s already a good amount of content about powerpool out there, so in my eyes the bottleneck isn’t people trying to find good content, it’s more-so just not enough people even inquiring about powerpool because they don’t know about it!

lmk what you think!