Competitors: Benchmarking against other Index/ Metagov Protocols

I am just curious what we think about PieDAO launching similar value proposition as us. YPIE is definitely quite similar to YETI, and how they are going to have underlying vaults for each GTs and meta-governance layer on top of it.

Currently, TVL for YETI at ~$4mm and YPIE at ~$200k

As this space gets more crowded, it feels like eventually whoever has larger TVL in their index wins with following flow:

more TVL → more voting power/ influence in underlying GT protocols → more value accrual to meta-gov token (i.e. CVP) → more TVL (due to incentive scheme) → virtuous cycle

But what I am not sure at the same time is how do you create sustainable TVL? Why one would put capital into PP vs. PieDAO? Yield incentive is one thing, if it can be competitive and sustainable.


We know this product from the very beginning. Their tech has several limitations of user experience (for example, no single-side liquidity provision). Meta-governance is enabled only for limited number of assets (“staking” as well). Check out carefully how YPIE works and you will get why they have only $150k TVL. We don’t want to publish any opinion or report on their implementation, maybe somebody from the community, who deeply understand smart-contracts, AMMs and architecture of dApps will do it…


That’s good to hear. I don’t have skillsets to measure how their SC works vs PP’s, but as you said, it’s worth keeping an eye on what others are trying to do as well