Competitive Analysis: we can learn much from them!

Hi guys, I discovered a competitor’s project which seems important to me for several reasons. Even though it is are much younger project, it still has double TVL than PowerPool since January 2021! I was wondering how it is possible and I found two probable reasons:

  1. they have well designed indices, especially the lastest one the DEGEN index and the logic behind it could make it very successful (read more here), actually its seems so interesting for me that I bought a bag of it and considering buying more of their ORCL5. Their DEFI5 is very similar to our ASSY but for some reason contains much more TVL
  2. their project might have much more visibility than our PowerPool in social media.

Now, we can perhaps get some inspiration from their index structure as for the point 1 and that could help us (I can’t wait for the unlimited EFT to get implemented) but definititely must do something with the media coverage mentioned in point 2 - I beliebe the MB members (@DrGonzo, @Sergey, @DeFi, @vasilysumanov, @Zero) should prioritize this, at least having much more active twitter account could help for the start.

Please do not consider this post as an objection to what our devs or members are doing (wrong), instead let us see it as opportunity of be aware what competitors’ project are out there and inspiration of doing things in different way (we can copy&paste any ideas that we might find useful). WE definitely have better technology than them, so we should use it for our benefits.

I have more ideas to share with you that could involve more members from the community in building better PowerPool and will disclose them shorly. Until then let as at least discuss the our opportunities when studying other projects.

I would welcome any discussion here as for what you like in and what we could use for ourselves.


I like what they are doing as well!
They got Molly shilling them at the start and some other marketing steps which helped them to grow quickly.

We are setting up a benchmark to monitor the competitors activity, though we are well aware of all the current developments happening in DPI, INDEXED, PieDAO, and others.

Overall I agree with the points you raised. We work now on a couple of new indexes + on how to improve the core indexes, will start to putting the materials/proposals in public next week I believe


Yes sir, we are keeping an eye on all of them :grinning: thanks for sharing

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Very nice overview of competitors’ indices (including ours :-))

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thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

New competitor DeHive brought some criticism against PowerPool:

thanks for sharing, going to review them now