Bridge Trouble--Please help!

Hi, I have tried to send USDC using Powerpool bridge from Matic network to Eth Mainnet but its been several hours and has not shown up on mainnet. I think I’m missing a step but unsure. Any help is appreciated.

plz reach out to me on discord or telegram

Hello Shokunin,

I am facing the same trouble what you had. Have you solved it ?

I wrote to DrGonzo on TG, but I am waiting for this answer.

Do you know why nothing show up ? It could help us to not repeat the same.


Not sure what the problem is. But join the discord and reach for drgonzo on discord.

Yes sir, I remember you reaching out to me yesterday evening in TG.
I’ll request a couple additional things from you in telegram in a bit to solve it. No worries

Thank you for your answer.
Do you prefer to continue to discuss on Discord ? I have it also.


yes, discord would be better actually