Baby Power Index rewards

Dear CVP community members! The Baby Power Index will be launched soon.
It will have certain liquidity cap (as it is unaudited MVP solution) to protect early adopters from risks.
What do you think regarding $CVP rewards for liquidity provision in this Index?

Waiting for your ideas,
PowerPool team


If anybody is still confusing about the Power Index, they have an article about it here:

Maybe we can set a cap schedule, so we don’t have to vote on every CAP increase. By doing that we can create predictable exclusivity of the pool and desire to get into, while limiting the risk.


week 1 - $150k cap
weeks 2 - 3 = $300k cap
weeks 4 - 6 = $450k cap

And then we can vote on removing the cap

@DrGonzo thank you for some ideas, but the main question is how much CVP rewards community want to allocate for this Baby (MVP) version of the Power Index


I think your question is hard to answer, no one can figure out how much is ok, it takes a few experiments and modifications to be optimal. I will post the question on our Discord, so people can talk about it.

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I think we need some sort of context from the team before we can even debate this?

Can you explain in layman terms, what kind of risks will LPs be exposed to? ie. since it was a fork from Balancer, we can assume the base layer it’s fine, but how complex were the changes itself?

If we can’t evaluate the associated risks, it’s kinda hard to estimate the rewards.

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We dont have enough info to think about it.

What do we know atm?

  1. There will be a baby index
  2. It will be a proxy to the Power Index, but
    a. With limited cap
    b. Unaudited
    c. Should have the same structure as the Power Index (right?)
  3. The Power index will be rolled out base on the Baby index (so the baby index will not be “killed”)

are the 1-3 correct?


I think for the testing it could be very very baby.
so the reward could be the same)
actually no one understand what it will be. If it possible lets just minimize the risks.
We have big community. It’s just interesting to look what it’s power index really is. I think it should be enough testers.
We can strart with that. If testers will suffer some loss, we can vote to give them bigger reward

But is it only for testing?
We should also discuss what goals it ment achieve.
I think there is a marketing side to the baby pool as well.
Hopefully it will echo and make some noise in order to create more awareness.
IMO Best case is it will attract (at least some) new community members/token holders in order to scale faster in the next phase.

I know its to early but in order to seize the opportunity time is on the essence.
Dharma Labs.Inc and therefore Darma wallet users has an interesting situation that could be a unique opportunity for the CVP project.
All the Dharma users who is algibele to receive UNI airdropped tokens didn’t get any of them.
In fact the total amount of UNI those guys should’ve got is 15.4M UNI.

I’ve asked in their Discord channel what are the latest news regarding the matter.
Please look at attached screenshot what was their answer.

It might be wise to approach Dharma lebs in order to offer a deal for those users.
In which those yours will able to receive 400 UNI or receive:
400 UNI - X
X=CVP and/or PTIT (if and when the community will decide).
Another option is that in part of this agreement the delagted UNI votes through the baby pool will vote in support of the Dharma users general interest.

This kind move will probably make a lot of awareness to the project and what it potentially “can bring to the table”.


I suppose the test period will take 4 weeks max

I. Index Cap growth schedule
1 week - $50k
2 week - $100k
3 week - $200k
4. week - $500k

II. The groups CVP supporters eligible to participate

  1. Early LPs since 120 hours of the pools launch // voted at least 3 times
  • Personal cap: $2k equivalent
  1. LPs
  • Personal cap: $2k equivalent
  1. Everyone else
  • Personal cap: no

III. Scheme of participation:
1-2 weeks - Only Early LPs, if not enough interest - “LPs” and “Everyone else” are invited
3-4 weeks - anyone can take part

IV. Rewards
1 week - 2k CVPs per max cap ($2k equivalent) // after the 1 week ends, a proportional equivalent of the current 91k per week (as is now) to be distributed in weeks 2-4

2 week - 1k CVPs per max cap ($2k equivalent) // the 2 week ends, a proportional equivalent of the current 91k per week (as is now) to be distributed in weeks 3-4

3-4 weeks - a proportional equivalent of the current 91k per week (as is now) to be distributed

**all distributed CVPs are not locked/vested, all CVPs allocated in the baby index are not locked/vested


4 weeks?((
Main nets was postponed due to proposal. Can we start it and test babi index same time?

According to the latest announcement it will be 2 weeks

Its actually makes a lot of sense.
There are enough players with vested interest right now. It should be enough of an incentive to start testing it in a smaller scale 5K-10K cap right now.
The only question is (its for the team to answer) would testing it in such a small scale will be affective enough?

If so we can start testing it and scale up when the cap increase scdule and the liquidity mining rewards (more incentives for a broader audience) will be agreed upon.
I mean the community already proven it self when we approved the proposal for higher LP rewards retroactively when the need aroused…

IMO it will also help the community to be more focused in finding and reach agreements faster because there will be a clear time line and possibly even a deadline for reaching agreements and pushing forward a proposal.

We cannot implement personal caps as all tech was initially developed without it, and implementing it now would delay launch even more (and we have some other things to deliver ASAP, for example vesting for UNI/BAL pools LPs, as well as for LPs in Baby Pool). So, it cannot be made now due to technical reasons.

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