Add Inverse Finance, $INV, to the Yearn Ecosystem Token Index.

Yesterday, I launched a proposal to the Inverse Finance Governance.

Check it out on HackMD and Twitter.

Why YETI? Inverse Finance is integrated with Yearn V2 vaults. It’s largest stakeholders are also core developers at Yearn Finance such as Sam, Banteg, and Andre. Each received 500 INV for their contributions and support in launching Inverse Finance.

Mutual Benefits :couple_with_heart_woman_woman:

Advantages for Inverse Finance :heavy_plus_sign:

-Inverse gets additional buying pressure to supply Index with INV
-Offer the Stablecoin demographic a more diversified DCA target
-Add INV to Yearn ecosystem index -Powerpool indexes are boosted with CVP

Advantages for Powerpool :heavy_plus_sign:

-First mover advantage into unique all in one DeFi protocol
-Introduce our indices to our target audience: conservative/diversified investors

Future Collaborations :crystal_ball:

-Create synthetic indices on Powerpool powered by Anchor Protocol
Imagine a WallStreetBets index on Powerpool powered by Anchor. Stonks.

This could be an extremely valuable opportunity to start an early relationship with an ambitious project!

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I’m all for this. Would be fantastic.

Don’t want to distract from this but I think a lot of this logic applies Alchemix (ALCX) as well. They are inextricably tied to Yearn having deposited $200M DAI to the v2 yDAI vault. Also potential further integrations down the road should Yearn introduce a yalUSD vault that could be part of YLA.

I think that adding BOTH of these projects simultaneously would be bring a huge boost to YETI.


I agree! I’m in contact with Scoopy.

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What do you think about Badger and Alpha who are also in close relationship? Especially Alpha is in a very close relationship with yearn.


Thanks will look into this!

Any further updates on this? I think it would be a great time to move this forward.

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Will provide an update soon.