Yearn YIP-63: Fund Builder-First Legal Activism DAO


Amidst intensifying regulatory scrutiny of DeFi, we propose that Yearn contribute to a new LeXpunK_DAO dedicated to legal advocacy for yearn and other builder-centric DeFi communities. The LeXpunK_DAO will be governed by builders from contributing communities (including yearn) and practicing lawyers from the LeXpunK Army . 5% of the current supply of L3X, the non-transferable reputational token of the LeXpunK Army, would be airdropped to YFI holders who support this proposal, to enable direct sentiment polling on relevant legal issues from the Yearn community. LeXpunK will effect additional airdrops from time to time, proportionally in line with the relative contributions of other builder communities, with the goal of forming a broad coalition to pool resources for funding shared advocacy goals.

A similar proposal is being made to Curve governance, here: FUND A BUILDER-FIRST LEGAL ACTIVISM DAO - Proposals - Governance . We also aim to make similar proposals to other value-aligned DAOs and prominent ecosystem builders if the Curve and Yearn proposals are successful.

Voting: Passed.
Y/ 862 YFI - N/ 0 YFI

Thanks…this form of legal advocacy is a very US-centric concern…we probably only care about Switzerland and maybe the Netherlands. We will let the DEXes and Vault-operators like Yearn worry about all this…anyone disagree?

What IS very interesting about this proposal is the direct sentiment polling capability. What platform will be used for this? Can we share it? I think we should support it so we can see how the direct sentiment polling will work? Opinions?