Transfer: Tokens transferred to cvp address

Trying to understand the app and deposited 100 CVP to my metamask wallet and thought of sending back to my wallet and clicked on Transfer button. I lost all the tokens. Please Transfer my tokens back to my wallet. Please find the details below.


Can you clarify plz, where did you send your CVP again?

I was trying to understand the app and there was a button ‘Transfer’ on ‘’ . I clicked on transfer and Its connected to my Metamask Wallet. It automatically selects one address that is not entered by me. I thought my wallet will have the contact and I will have the control. But after that my CVP balance is showing as 0. Please find the below details.

Metamask wallet: 0x080d72e7292b3ba563c456fc4c20915a64425873


I have a decent understanding of crypto, but this app has no idea what is happening. Please transfer my 100 cvp to my wallet. In my meta mask CVP wallet ‘0x88ad09518695c6c3712ac10a214be5109a655671’ automatically showed that it was confusing.

Please find the attached screenshot for reference.

You are not a tester, am I right?

Thanks for your support. I am testing the app, But this is my real money. Please do something.