Sushiswap: RFP (Request for Proposals): Sushi Forum v2

Current discusion on Sushiswap Forum about the idea to enable certain governance functions to users with low token holdings.

“This Request for Proposals (RFP) is issued to provide the selection process for development services. Proposals will be accepted from:”

  • SUSHI community members or groups holding 100 SUSHI or more during submission and throughout selection.

The objective of this RFP is to develop and enhance the Sushi Forum with a Discourse plugin that utilizes web3 to determine the amount of Sushi from a user’s wallet and the duration of such holdings in order to enable or disable forum features such as polling, comments, discussions, posting.

** Note that the section is still a draft and is under further discusion from the community.

Thanks for scanning the meta governance horizon…as you know, the New Vision includes a similar initiative to ‘gate’ access to the PowerPool Forum (and even Discord) based on CVP and especially xCVP holdings. The ‘Illuminati’ who operate the DAO will be only xCVP stakers. There is no other way to stop scammers and time wasters with ‘no skin in the game’ polluting the Forum with self-serving proposals. Our Forum is currently public, and frankly not our best marketing tool to convince the world to entrust a chunk of their savings with us…I assume we will be voting our Sushi…and maybe offering to share the project?

I agree. xCVP should be centric to powerpool governance. A minimum holding would get rid of lots of noise.
Its a smart idea on sushi’s part.