Sushiswap: oSUSHI, Multichain Fund, NFT Exchange & More


I, LevX, proposed the idea of our NFT exchange, and thanks to our passionate community members, it evolved into a concrete project that would meet the actual needs of NFT artists & collectors.
Now that contracts are complete, it’s time to develop the frontend, caching layer(subgraph), and infrastructure for artwork storage. Around the end of August, v0 will be released and we have gradual release plans for v1 and v2 for the next few months.
As the product manager & lead developer of Shoyu, I’ll guarantee the release of v0, further (v1 & v2) updates and maintenance in the next 1 year.”

Voting: Y 8.63m SUSHI (99.93%) / No & Neutral 6k SUSHI (0.07%)


In order to maintain and expand an expansive list of sidechains and layer two solutions, this proposal recommends that 2% from the 5 basis point fee bridged back to SushiBar be reserved under operational management. As a result of community signaling in the linked forum post, the community recommends 2% of the 5 basis point fee and this percentage will be applied to only All Networks except Ethereum Mainnet.

This operational fund allows for not only the expansion of relevant operational tools to scale these actions, but also ensures bridging is happening often and strategically amongst other ongoing initiatives.
The current model for multichain expansion is quite frankly not sustainable. A mechanism currently does not exist to derive funds from each expansion to sustain subsequent operations.

Voting: Y6.7m SUSHI (60.8%) / N 4.3m SUSHI (39.2%)

oSUSHI (signal)

oSushi can be used as a minimum pre-requisite for projects to stake oSushi to be come eligible for voting gauges on the onsen interface.
As a signal, this proposal will undergo subsequent specifications and parameter adjustments. Further testing after Trident release is necessary to support both impacts on multichain incentives and dynamic adjustments before fully releasing the final specifications required for a decentralized oSUSHI.

Learn on oSUSHI:
Voting: Y 8.7m SUSHI (99.7%) / N 25k SUSHI (0.3%)

KANPAI (signal)

Introduce a governance-controlled ‘payout ratio’ parameter (e.g initially set to 95%). This will divert a portion of trading fees (100% - payout ratio) from xSUSHI stakers to the Treasury as revenue denominated in a reserve asset, e.g. ETH or DAI. At a payout ratio of 95%, xSUSHI holders are paid out 95% of the 5bps.
Introducing retained earnings will offer valuable bear market protection as well as allow SUSHI holders to govern a new cash flow, which could be used to reinvest in growth or generate non-operating income.
Voting: Y 4.8m SUSHI (51.55%) / N 4.5m SUSHI (48.45%)