PowerPool QA Article

The PowerPool team is writing a questions and answers article. Send your questions here that you would like answered. If there’s too many questions then expect those with the most likes to be answered.


Can tokens locked in First Governance Vote also take advantage of the liquidity mining program?

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And can tokens which are staked in LP vote in first governance vote (or when this decision is planned to be taken)

Hey @DeFi - i am one of the testers. Happy to collaborate with you on this once we have proposal six decision made. This is wonderful. Gitbooks will be a good solution for this

  1. Please advise whether the project is interested in keeping the current pools?
    When we move all the rewards (2mn per months + almost all part of 4.5 mn) to Power index pool, I believe nobody will be interested to provide liquidity in IL exposed pools for a tiny CVP reward

  2. Remaining part of 4.5 mn community pool (which will most likely be 4.5 - 0,2 = 4.3 mn by mid-October, where 0.2 mn stands from 91k per week * 2) will be transferfed to reward the Power index LPs and the exact scheme of how it will be distributed is to be proposed by a new proposal ?

  3. Are this 4.3 mn either locked or vested? (shouldnt be as I understand)

How many tokens will be in Community allocation with Delphi Digital’s proposal being voted on?

Community pool distribution schedule under Delphi Digital’s proposal?

Can you create a vesting schedule for Delphi Digital’s proposal?

How many CVP will be in treasury post Delphi proposal?

I will be curating this in a notion sometime soon - keep them coming

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