PowerPool marketing and support of adoption (logo and ads materials)

Hi again @powerpoolAdmin, this is just a simple request to PowerPool team to provide the community with official logo and other marketing materials.

Today I started a Facebook group for Slovak and Czech speaking audience where I could promote the PowerPool mission and visions and attract new users of the platform. However I would like to use official marketing materials in it, such as logo and supporting visuals.

Could you please provide me with a download link to at least the official logo of PowerPool and your consent to use it? I believe that even others PP supporters, fans and future ambassadors would find it useful.

If for some reason you cannot provide publicly here, please DM me at discord at glow#9529

Thank you in advance!

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Yes, will share it with you in discord

Can you contract me at Discord pls, @powerpoolAdmin?

I’ll DM you, no worries