Next Frontier: Permissionless Customized Indeces

PowerPool now operates in a crowded ecosystem of smart index protocols. In order to differentiate itself, I propose that PP move forward to with truly permissionless index creation as laid out in the v2 vision. H/T to @think_flexible who wrote a very similar proposal in January. I am bringing this up again as it seems like its gotten some traction in the discord.


Platform for individual investors to create their own indexes powered by PP technology. Investors can choose from a list of pre-approved tokens as voted on by the PP community with oracles in place. Indeces are powered by DAMM and auto-rebalance.

Pros for users:
Automatic portfolio rebalancing
Gas savings
Creation of a portfolio of assets in a few clicks rather than purchasing all separately
[Automatic staking???]

Minimum index size of $5,000.
Whitelisted tokens only
[Must hold CVP/xCVP to create index???]

Benefits to PP/CVP Holders:
Creation/Exit fees
Increase in TVL
Boost to CVP price if requirement to hold CVP is implemented


I concur. I def was thinking about composable indexes as well. This seems in alignment with what @MichelVaillant and I discussed a bit on the Discord channel.

I really like this proposal! This would enable PowerPool users to easily manage their own portfolios of DeFi tokens by building their own portfolio with its own respective tokens (only whitelisted tokens by PowerPool), weights and rebalancing mechanisms. I should also add that an index should be able to be composed of other PP indexes as well as tokens. This would make for much better Beta and Alpha control and results from a portfolio management standpoint.

One feature that should be added is for the portfolio’s creator to be able to collect a small % of the swap fees within the portfolio to incentivize index creators and managers, and the portfolio creation process should cost a reasonable fee in CVP that gets added into a pool, or gets burned. If added into a pool, that pool should then distribute ~1% daily to all users who are invested in user created indexes. This is to incentivize users to invest in the user created indexes.

There should also be a leaderboard of indexes, displaying the TVL and other performance statistics. Maybe even create a trading competition and incentivize the entire crypto community at large to come and participate in the CVP ecosystem.

Just some ideas. Feel free to add your ideas and/or comments.

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Like these ideas a lot. I didn’t include them in the original post as I envisioned the many pools being small and fragmented but its entirely possible and maybe even probable that there will be stars who create really interesting indexes that others want to own. Those people should certainly be rewarded.

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I think this is great idea that could get a lot of traction and would make good selling point.

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I am for it. It will scale PowerPool TVL based on attempts of the community, not only the team and management board.

Exactly. This is truly scalable. How do you think we should push this forward. Feels like we have momentum and I’d like to seize on that.

Maybe reach out to the newly elected MB so that they can draft a proper proposal. They can refer to this board and build upon the ideas in the comments.

@JaLa @think_flexible

well this sounds a bit too good to be true for me, but the idea is super smart. even revolutionary I’d say.

I believe the MB will cooperate to push this forward asap. Need to make sure whether the tech is ready and as we speak about a retail product (a permissionless competitor of tokensets, right?) the UI/UX side of this is something that bothers me atm. Went to thinking it over:)

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Thanks for prop.
I’m in favor of general idea

Have several comments.

  1. Do you have plan which tokens should be in wl?
    At least at the start.
    Idea of PP is meta-governance. We should benefit this idea.

  2. I think such function requeirs ecosystem around.
    UI/UX, readable docs and framework how tokens will be put in whitelist etc
    Do you have any ideas on that?

Once again, love idea.

Stellar idea. This could become the next vaults craze. UI/UX and PowerOracle looks like the key here. I’ll start working on the wireframe.

Fantastic. Would be glad to work with the MB or leave it in their capable hands as they know much more than I do. My DMs are open on discord for all.

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I would be glad to collaborate with JaLa and others as well as the MB on this proposal. Feel free to DM me on CVP Discord, I am Hello World.


I saw your messages there, big respect!

Could you share your Discord name?

Discord name is same as here: JaLa. Looking forward to getting started.

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JaLa is a very awesome community member and the idea is super awesome, this is what BAL should be and we could really get a first mover advantage with the DAMM system on top. Hope the management board and the team will help you as good as possible cause they have the skills and knowledge to bring this idea alive.

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