Marketing, top trending searches

Proposal number 82

Marketing by top trending searches

What I’m trying to do here is marketing differently, exploiting the influence of the media and some famous sites to attract more light and attention to the project.

They’re More than 13,000 coin are listed on the coingecko, crypto site

User usually pay attention to watchlists, top 10 Trending search, most visited coin…

Crypto site has more than 25M visitor per month from users interested in crypto

Coingecko site has more than 75M visitor per month from same type of users

many telegram channel & Twitter pages talk about CG trending searches, like :

This service works in conjunction with your marketing plan, launching and developing projects or services, doing pumping

Through this service, you will draw the attention of investors to your project.

Through these service, everyone will know your project & it will have a strong authority

Thank you for this proposal! Will explore your ideas and links!