MAKERDAO: Real World Assets

MakerDAO is set to apply three (3) new proposals which are going to enable TradFi assets to Maker Protocol.

MIP6 Application: European Point-of-Sales Consumer Finance Portfolio

This is the MIP6 Proposal for the senior tranche of a tokenized granular consumer credit portfolio originated by a European FinTech lender. Nebula Capital Partners LTD ( “NCP” ; ) acts as originator and investment advisor of the transaction (the “Sponsor” ). The TIN Tranche will be held by NCP as well as the FinTech lender that originated the underlying consumer loans (the “Asset Originator” )"

Status: For (95,03%) 59,94k MKR / Against (2,56%) 1,61k MKR / Abstain (2,41%) 1,52k MKR

MIP6 Application: CapitalNow Cannabis DROP: Factoring and Equipment Financing Assets

This MIP6 Proposal will finance a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) established by CapitalNow Cannabis or affiliates thereof (the “Issuer”) to acquire cannabis-related Government secured and high quality invoices and Equipment Financing Assets. Upon acquiring each asset, the SPV will be the legal owner and hold the title to the asset.
Status: For (52,84%) 33,46k MKR / Against (41,93%) 26,55k MKR / Abstain (5,23%) 3,3k MKR

MIP6 Application: Cauris Global Fintech Fund

This MIP6 Proposal will finance a special purpose vehicle (“SPV” or the “Issuer”) established by Cauris Investment Management (“CIM” or “Manager”) for the purpose of providing debt financing to Financial Technology companies (“Fintechs”) in international markets. Cauris will use the Centrifuge platform to raise funding.
Status: For (94,65%) 59,94k MKR / Against (2,94%) 1,86k MKR / Abstain (2,41%) 1,52k MKR

** All proposals have been made for/by Centrifuge Partners

It is begining! day we will launch pools containing security tokens connected to real world financial assets. We will need to seek opportunities that will leverage Power Agent to generate yield that passive ‘indices’/investment managers cannot…

It is coming!
Real World FAANG/SNP passive yield generating