MAKERDAO: Flash Loan Fee and Real Estate Backed Loans

Add RWA007 (SolarX) as a new RWA Vault Type

This poll allows the MakerDAO governance community to signal their support or opposition to adding RWA007 (SolarX) as a new vault type in the Maker Protocol with the following parameters.

Collateral Parameters

  • Stability Fee: 5.8%
  • Debt Ceiling: $21,000,000 equivalent in Dai (21,200,000 DAI with a buffer)
  • Minimum Vault Collateralization Ratio: 100%
  • Minimum SPV Collateralization Ratio: 133%
  • Minimum Underlying Collateralization Ratio: 133%
  • Liquidation Process: MIP21

Complete Proposal & Thread
Result: FOR (97,69%) 60,23k MKR
AGAINST: (2,15%) 1,32k MKR
ABSTAIN: (0,17%) 102 MKR

Lower the Flash Mint Fee to 0%

"The Flash Mint Module was activated on July 3rd and still is not seeing any usage. Use of flash loans comes down to who has the cheapest solution to use as well as cost / benefit of having to change the code to a new source. Currently dYdX has the cheapest flash loans at 0%. Previously I thought there may be an argument for paying our fees because we can guarantee liquidity is always available, but since the original poll dYdX has improved its liquidity from 138k to ~10M+. This is large enough now to cover most use cases.

I suggest we consider removing the fee and do so permanently. As there seems to be no integrations so far we can benefit from removing the logic for the fee altogether if we never plan to use it again and re-deploy. Flash loans are highly gas-sensitive products and so we want to squeeze out as much as possible."

Pros: Better arbitrage for DAI, Better UX for front-ends, can lever up in one go instead of looping, re-financing, etc
Cons: Potential loss of revenue (0% Fee)
Result. FOR: (100%) 61,66k MKR