MAKER: New Real World Asset Onboard & Offborad USDT Collateral

MakerDao continue to increase it’s Real World Products onboarding now medical and commercial Real Estate.
Also, it’s trying to deprecate legacy USDT Vaults by triggering liquidations. Currently those Vaults still hold little TVL on them.

A SolidBlock Offering

Detox Digital Coins ( “DDCs”) are real-estate backed security tokens representing an interest in the Detox Medical Digital Series, LLC (‘the Series”) established by SolidBlock to offer investors the opportunity to participate in the the Detox Digital Property Portfolio (“the Portfolio”) which manages detoxification facilities, each with its unique and licensed approach to drug and alcohol and mental health recovery.
Voting: For: 51,5% / 34,5k MKR Abstain: 45,5% / 30,5k MKR Against: 2,5% / 1,7k MKR

REIF DROP: Commercial Real Estate Assets

This MIP6 Proposal will finance a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) called REIF Pool LLC. a Delaware limited liability company, established by REIF Financial Investments Inc. or affiliates thereof to acquire commercial real estate backed loans. The first loans will be originated by Forge & Foster Investment Management Inc. Upon acquisition of each loan, the Issuer will be the legal owner of the assets and will hold the title to the asset.
Voting: For: 49% / 32,8k MKR Against: 2% / 1,3k MKR Abstain: 49% / 32,5k MKR

Offboard USDT Collateral Types

The community can vote in this poll to express support or opposition to the following changes:

Voting: Non. Finishes 1/10 (2D, 22H)