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Hello everyone! :wave:

I want to build Powerpool’s presence on crypto Twitter and become a semi-ambassador with the rest of the team. Please follow me on Twitter! :bird:

I’ll be sharing my thoughts, collabs, and maybe some alpha leaks :oil_drum:.


Great to see things starting! :slight_smile:


thanks for the follow!

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Apart from retweets, I am sorry to say, I haven’t found anything particularly interesting or useful yet on the Twitter.

Anything I might have missed?

and the account is dead. guess that was a stillborn baby…

So, anyway, now that’s water under the bridge - what lies ahead?
Who’s commandeering “the army of twitter folks” (of PowerPool) and coordinating effort anyway? Because we’re in need, frankly

agree, we are looking for a very experienced social media manager right now, and it’s a part of our Proposal 44: PowerPool DAO operating budget

For a start, we can all encourage the Illuminati (xCVP stakers) and others to follow/retweet the main (anon) account: @GordonGekko_CVP

I promise you will not be bored…