Feature request: Email alerts for new snapshot / on-chain proposals

Hi all, didn’t want to make a proposal for this as I don’t think it warrants a vote.

Currently it’s not obvious when new proposals go up for voting; you have to either keep an eye on the portal, or monitor various social media channels. I think it would be good if we could subscribe to receive emails when a proposal goes live.

PS: Is it worth creating a ‘feature requests’ category on the forum?

Good idea, thanks for sharing!

It’s an especially nice idea as we are releasing meta-governance portal soon and expect governance to become even more active.

But mb a telegram announcements channel would be a more native/easy option?

Everybody has an email address

I don’t personally use telegram, would just be another thing to manage. I actively use Discord, but still, I’m likely to miss notifications if I need to monitor a channel for them.

Maybe both though?

Another thought: email notifications seem a bit more “serious” than telegram notifications. We’re an ambitious project with already a large TVL, I think our processes should reflect that.

yes, right, I think it’s not a hard task, but we need to collect emails first, Ill do a google form

that’s a great idea.