Create Dutch translations of Powerpool docs / KB / wiki's


I’m Dutch, trying to get more involved with Powerpool and its products as I really like the protocol plus the vibe in all the channels.

I was thinking maybe I could start providing added value by translating docs / knowledge bases / wiki’s to my language and post those to Dutch forums that I’m active in.

Maybe someone can guide me on where to start, I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

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I just found that Proposal 17 included specific languages that are not fluent in English. While I tend to agree that the Dutch can speak English quite natively, the DeFi words and processes are quite overwhelming even to normal English speakers.

I think I can do a good job at helping this be more understandable in our native language, as grasping DeFi in English is hard enough already haha.

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Thanks for getting involved. We have an extensive amount of translating to do related to the pivot to the New Vision, and explaining it to the world. This activity is currently taking place on the New Vision Wiki, which you can access by going to Discord, and following the New Vision link to the access request form. Once your form is processed, the email you provide is added to the Wiki whitelist and you can see the section created translations, now including Dutch, alongside English master versions. We have about 10 languages but many are not yet being covered by native-speaking Ambassadors. Anyone offering to help with other languages should follow the same steps. Web designers go to the front of the queue!

collinvk1 is a notable CVP community member and if Dutch language support and maybe community forming will bring value - I do support it.

OK your email/Notion account is upgraded to edit for the Dutch translation page and sub-pages in the New Vision Wiki…enjoy! (and think about where to publish the long-form New Vision article for Dutch speakers…)

Also, if you give us your Discord handle we can upgrade that to access the New Vision and Ambassadors levels where this is being discussed

The discord handle is collinvk1 :slight_smile:

Thanks…you are enabled as Editor of the Dutch section of the New Vision Wiki…please have a look every week or so as there are often changes and more pieces of text being generated all the time…

You ideas of how best to publish to Dutch speaking audience always welcome