Compound: Set Initial Collateral Factors for MKR, SUSHI, AAVE, YFI & LINK

Compound Proposal 53, 54, & 46 added MKR, SUSHI, AAVE, YFI, & LINK to the protocol with a collateral factor of 0. Now that each market has been safely added to the protocol, it is time to set initial collateral factors. Each of the collateral factors chosen is conservative and can likely be updated in 2-3 months once the markets stabilize.

Asset Maker Aave Cream Proposed
MKR N/A 0.65 N/A 0.35
AAVE 0.57 0.65 0.60 0.50
SUSHI N/A 0.45 0.65 0.40
YFI 0.57 0.55 0.75 0.35
LINK 0.75 0.75 0.60 0.50

Voting: Ends in 15/08/21
For: 301,350 COMP - Against: 0 COMP

Ummm…not sure how we should react to this? Any view points?

They are being quite conservative. Other protocols have way higher numbers. I guess they’ll update it later. I think it’s good in overall though that defi coins gets more liquidity and composability.