AAVE: Real World Assets, Health notifier and Weekly Performance

ARC: Aave Centrifuge Permissioned “RWA” Market Proposal Update
Their goal is to launch the first (permissioned) market for Real World Assets (RWA) on the Aave protocol. This will allow Aave depositors to earn yield against stable, uncorrelated real world collateral while Centrifuge asset originators can borrow money from Aave, automatically balance capital needs and provide an alternative collateral to volatile crypto assets.
Assets: 6 TVL: 28M DAI

Name Collateral Type Maturity Token Address DROP APR Loan To Value (Aave) Liquidation Threshold Liquidation Bonus Reserve Factor
New Silver Real Estate Bridge Loans 12-24 months NS2DRP 3 4% 94.1% 97% 3% 5.9%
Fortunafi Revenue Based Financing 24 months FF1DRP 2 5% 94.1% 97% 3% 5.9%
ConsolFreight Cargo & Freight Forwarding Invoices 60-120 days CF4DRP 1 6% 92.2% 96% 4% 6.8%
Harbor Trade Credit Trade Receivables 60-120 days HT2DRP 1 7% 90.3% 93.7% 4.9% 7.7%
Bling (1754 Factory) Payment Advances 30-90 days BR3DRP 1 10% 90.3% 93.7% 4.9% 7.5%
Branch Emerging Market Consumer Loans 3 years BR3DRP 1 10% 84.5% 87.5% 7.5% 10.5%

Update on this ARC: “we updated some of the initially proposed risk parameters and made minor changes to the liquidation thresholds and the liquidation bonus - thanks to the Aave team! We are really excited to push this forward and are currently preparing an Aave snapshot as a next step. We have received primarily positive feedback and votes on this proposal here on the forum and want to confirm it with the Aave snapshot community vote.”
Link: https://governance.aave.com/t/arc-aave-centrifuge-permissioned-rwa-market-proposal/4620

Aave Health/Collateral Liquidation Notifier
“I got the aave grant a while back ago to create a notifier for when your aave balance health gets too low and requires more collateral.
I am testing the notifications personally right now and will open it up in a few days assuming the testing goes well.
Would appreciate any feedback on the site at the moment and I will repost after testing when sign ups are open for the web app.”
Website: https://www.aavenotifier.com/
Link: https://governance.aave.com/t/updates-on-aave-health-collateral-liquidation-notifier/5202

Weekly Protocol Performance & Governance Update
$22.3 Billion of Total Liquidity:

  • 41.9% Utilization ratio.
  • Generating $5.7m of interest for depositors.
  • 277m Flash Loan Volume. $242k in fees.
  • $2.7m Liquidated. $146k in fees.
  • $659k for ecosystem collectors, now holding $13.9m.

Link: https://governance.aave.com/t/aave-weekly-protocol-performance-governance-update/1660/89