AAVE: Add DPI Index on AAVE v2

Abstract: Add Defi Pulse Index (DPI) on Aave Markets.

Risk Assesment:

30 Day Average Daily Volume $7.19M
90 Day Average Daily Volume $7.19M
1 week Normalised Volatility 0.05379
1 month Normalised Volatility 0.05535
3 month Normalised Volatility 0.05035
6 month Normalised Volatility 0.05812
1 year Normalised Volatility 0.05845
Risk Parameters
LTV 60%
Liquidation Threshold 70%
Liquidation Bonus 10%
Reserve Factor 20%
Rate Strategy
UOptimal 50%
R_0 0%
R_s1 7%
R_s2 300%

Link: https://governance.aave.com/t/arc-add-support-for-defi-pulse-index-dpi/3576
Voting: https://app.aave.com/governance/27-Qme2d9yZ81j3JkQ4ecr7BSZv4Rvh5NyU36um48f5S75CQG
For: 414,26k Aave 100% - Against: 0 Aave

DPI will be listed on Aave on 20/08 but, what does the community think that should be Powerpool’s position for Competition products and proposals?

  • Support
  • Pass
  • Refuse

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Well as competitors we should vote against, but our ETHDEFI token launch is held up by Synthetix, and it’s probably best that everyone see how popular even passively managed pool/index tokens like DPI are as collateral…wonder if Index will vote against OUR proposal someday?

It’ll be interesting in a few years the Gov Token wars by VCs and Asset Management entities. Kern to see how things wrap up.

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I think that we don’t need to vote NO for this proposal

I agree…maybe we should just not vote at all…